The Fire District’s career firefighters provide coverage during the daytime hours of 6am to 4pm (Mon-Fri) and are under the command of Captain Mark Reynolds.

   Mark Reynolds Fire Captain/EMT (848) 207-6186    mreynolds@jacksonfiredist4.org
   Richard Leonard Fire Lieutenant/EMT (732) 928-1434    rpleonard@jacksonfiredist4.org
  John Burmeister Fire Official – UFD/EMT (732) 928-1434    jburmeisterjr@jacksonfiredist4.org
   Stan O’Brien Jr. Fire Prevention Specialist – UFD/EMT (732) 928-1434    sobrienjr@jacksonfiredist4.org
   Richard Marrero Firefighter/EMT (732) 928-1434    rmarrero@jacksonfiredist4.org
   Steven Porth Firefighter/EMT (732) 928-1434    sporth@jacksonfiredist4.org